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Created by startup entrepreneurs with decades of experience in startup ventures, they wanted to share insights and resources that would help others build their dreams.

Learn about your startup stage and what to focus on to get to the next step of your startup journey.

Why is knowing my startup stage important?

Launching and scaling a startup is not easy. As a startup founder, you’re ultimately responsible for it’s success or failure. From preparing a pitch deck to raising capital to getting your MVP launched and more. Many startups fail due to lack of guidance, direction, and focus. But you can improve your chances of success if you have the right roadmap and guidance. But it must be relevant to where you are at this point in your startup journey

You need to be able to properly communicate to investors your traction, next steps, and how you are going to get them a return on their investment. You need to be able to understand the areas you need resources to help you at this stage. We created this startup stage quiz to help you with this

Why should I take it?

  • Raise capital more effectively by communicating your current situation in an investor friendly format 
  • Focus your efforts more effectively by getting guidance relevant to your current situation, not to a company further along than you
  • Share your results more easily
  • Refine the guidance as your business evolves 

What will I get after completing the quiz?

  • Personalized report showing a breakdown of where you are at,
    at every stage of the startup lifecycle 
  • Share results with investors, teammates and others (optional) 
  • Recommendations and guidance relevant to your current stage 
  • Get an understanding of all the startup lifecycle stages you need to be aware of 


This resource was built by startup entrepreneurs for startup entrepreneurs. We have lived through difficult mistakes on our startup journey to get our startups profitable and successful.

No. We don’t sell any information.

This is not an investment platform. It’s a tool you can use to get relevant guidance for where you are at in your startup journey. However, we may be able to connect you with potential investors if you contact us.

We have experts who could help provide one on one direct guidance. You should see an option once you complete the quiz. Please keep in mind this is based upon availability.

You can select the Share option after you finish the quiz.

They are retained indefinitely for you to refer back to. If you would like us to delete your information, please email us a data deletion request.

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